FANUCI CleanAir mobile dust collector

This product is a high negative pressure dust collector different from the traditional dust collection method, is widely used in laser welding, cleaning and other scenes.

This product is equipped with a brushless motor with ultra-high speed, the air volume is not large, it can burst out an ultra-high negative pressure of 34Kpa, air inlet can easily absorb the splashing smoke and dust. Moreover, the equipment also innovatively adds an adjustable vibration dust removal system, which greatly improves the service life and filtration efficiency of the filter element without manual cleaning.

FANUCI CleanAir Smoke Purifier

Used in conjunction with dust removal workbench

Has a small footprint and the best appearance and performance. There is a big gap between Fanuci CleanAir dust collector and traditional dust collector. From the industrial design of appearance and the combination of integrated structure, the equipment covers a small area and is extremely convenient for shoveling and installation. The CleanAir dust collector is a dust collector specially designed for dust generated by thermal cutting and welding. The equipment is changing the blue sky of the traditional thermal processing dust removal industry. The equipment is widely used in metal welding, laser cutting, plasma cutting and dust removal in the metal shot blasting industry.

FAUCI Clean Air Dust Removal Workbench

● Used with Smoke Purifier

Has a small footprint and the best appearance and performance. Fanuci CleanAir dust removal workbench uses wear-resistant, high-temperature table materials, and combined with multi-angle dust collection design, it can effectively collect the dust generated by welding. Each smoke purifier can supply three dust removal worktables at the same time.

● Workbench is scalable. You can customize the width of the worktable.