Go beyond the confines of the workbench

The compact and flexible portable handheld laser cleaning machine has been loved by customers since the beginning of its development. It has an integrated structure with built-in integrated control system, laser system and cooling system. Easy to carry, good cleaning effect, easy to operate, ready to use. The handheld laser cleaning machine adopts an ergonomically designed handheld laser cleaning head, which can reduce the holding pressure of the cleaning head, making it more convenient and practical.


1.976nm laser pump technology.
*Same core laser pump tech and components as IPG.
*Electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 48%. Saving 15% compare to 915nm.
*Provide capability of welding/cutting high reflective materials
2.Original control chip from US, avoid chip supply sanction.
Intelligent Support: automatic access to the network, remote diagnosis, remote service.
*Up to 85% laser problem could be solved remotely, significantly saving time.
3.High brightness: Gaussian spot, M-<1.3, limit output cable 10um.
4.Fast response: O to maximum power <5us, response frequency 50kHz.
5.Programmable: customized output curve, 64 sets of parameters stored and recalled at any time.
6.Flexible: Modular design, easier and fast change modular to repair or upgrade power (for high power source).
7.Nearby Support: FANUCI repair and storage spare source in EU and US warehouse, could switch and repair locally for certain damage, realize client none stop operation.

Laser sources

Fanuci PRO Wobble GenX laser head

1. Handheld Laser Processing Head
2.Multiple safety protection with foot switch to avoid laser injuriy.
3.Various tip assemblies in standard kit to fulfill cleaning .
4. Wide cleaning area seam, fast and efficient clean the surface with low cost

Control System Fanuci PRO LaserWELD GenX System

 The operation system combines high performance with intuitiveness and ease of use. The control is placed on a color touch screen that allows you to set all the necessary parameters depending on the user’s needs.

FANUCI PRO Cooling System

FANUCI PRO Cooling system can provide high-efficiency cooling effect for the laser source and welding head, reduce the working temperature with maximum efficiency, and thus better protect the overall operation of the equipment.

PRO cooling system is higher in power, more intuitive compressor pressure, easier operation and maintenance

Technical Parameters​​

Laser Power1000W1500W2000W
Laser Wavelength1070 NM1070 NM1070 NM
Fiber Length10 m10 m10 m
Operation Modelcontinuous/modulatedcontinuous/modulatedcontinuous/modulated
Power Consumption5KW7KW9KW
Frequency50/60 HZ50/60 HZ50/60 HZ
Laser Head Operation ModeOscillation / Spot / LineOscillation / Spot / LineOscillation / Spot / Line
Focus Length150mm150mm150mm

Application Industry

Rail transit, aerospace, marine ships, mold products, automobile manufacturing, food industry and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries

What Materials Can Be Processed ?