FANUCI Precision Welding

Powerful functions, simple operation, compatible with various formats of graphics files, and can process any pattern.

Program-controlled instantaneous multi-point welding can effectively improve production efficiency and flexibility.

According to different welding materials, the output energy waveform can be set and waveform control can be performed to achieve a more ideal welding effect.

FANUCI Robot Laser Cladding

FANUCI combines laser cladding technology with robots to achieve flexible and multi-angle laser cladding, which is widely used in various industries.

1. The cladding strength between the laser cladding layer and the substrate is not lower than 90% of the original substrate.

2. The heat effect of laser cladding is only one tenth of that of argon arc welding.

3. The substrate is not deformed.

4. The angle is flexible and can be processed sectionally.

5. Less energy consumption, no waste gas and liquid.

FANUCI Robot Laser Cutting

FANUCI can combine robots with laser cutting to perform irregular and diverse cutting operations.

1. Professional laser cutting head

2. The omnidirectional movement of the robot arm can achieve cutting angles that cannot be achieved by conventional cutting machines.

3. By extending the design of the robot, such as adding a track, etc., it can meet the demand for a larger cutting area

4. FANUCI provides stable, high-quality laser output

FANUCI Robot Laser Welding

1. High quality· High precision·High speed welding robot

Through rich functions and core components, it can meet the needs of users for fast, complex and precision welding.

2. It can implement non-contact welding for inaccessible precision parts, and is suitable for butt welding overlap welding, etc. of various complex products.

3.Remote control to ensure the safety.


1.High efficiency and stability of the machining process
2.Significant reduction of production costs
3.Operating time of the fiber source is approximately 100,000 hours
4.Technology friendly and safe for the environment and the workplace

FANUCI PRO Cooling System

FANUCI PRO Cooling system can provide high-efficiency cooling effect for the laser source and welding head, reduce the working temperature with maximum efficiency, and thus better protect the overall operation of the equipment.

PRO cooling system is higher in power, more intuitive compressor pressure, easier operation and maintenance.

Safty Grating System and Alarm Lights

Safety grating can better protect users and bystanders, FANUCI PRO equipment can automatically stop when entering the working range without permission, and it can be connected to safety doors and other facilities according to customer needs.

The warning lights of FANUCI PRO devices can provide a visual indication of green (operation), yellow (start) and red (alarm).

Dual Use System

Equipped with 4D welding, cladding, and cutting systems (choose one of three), FANUCI provides customers with additional optional hand-held welding 4 in 1 solutions. The equipment can be equipped with a second laser, providing a hand-held welding and cleaning system with a working radius of 10 meters

Full Cover Design with Smoke exhausting System

Unique appearance design, fully enclosed protection design. Laser protective glass is used on three sides, which is convenient to observe the working status and provide users with maximum protection. Top fume extraction design, can be used with CleanAir fume purification system or conventional blower.

FANUCI and Swiss Raytools Joint developed control System

The four-dimensional control software jointly developed with Swiss Raytools, adapted to ECAT bus drive, FANUCI’s uniquely designed platform, matched with FANUCI PRO lasers and Cooling System and other supporting systems, can realize conventional welding/cutting/cladding of different workpiece sizes and materials, tilting, large-format field Mirror welding/cutting and cladding. Equipped with rotary chuck, trajectory simulation, visualization system, etc.

Welding of any trajectory can be achieved

Linear and circular trajectories of weldable metalworking parts

● Strategic partner YASKAWA servo control system

● High-precision guide rail, the accuracy can reach 0.02mm

● Visual welding– monitor welding status at any time

● Independent water cooling system

● Various welding trajectories

● Cylindrical spherical rectangle complex shape

Straight track welding

Circumferential track welding

 Complex track welding